Whatever you work, write, print, and draw with AR Root they’ll breath life.

  • Video

    It features an audio-visual presentation of your products to be watched out of a business card, brochures or any other printed material. With a musical background 1n option, your customers can view your entire catalogue within a single ad space.

  • 3D Model

     You shall have the ability to turn an ordinary three-dimensional print into a highly accurate display, allowing your products to enter the virtual world with a vision control.

  • Panorama 360®

    An attractive way that transfers images into a 360-degree format where places are showcased 1n details and can actually be walked through.

  • Social Media

    Icons as well as links that will automatically lead to your website, in addition to the possibility of an actual interaction with your clients through direct contacts, emails, bookings plus payments.

  • AR Solutions

    Countless AR & VR solutions for a massive range of majors, like education, industry, real estate, tourism, architecture, furnishing. ...etc.

Download AR Root

AR ROOT’s App is on the App Store & Play Store, tray it out right now! Download the AR Root app and visit our demos page to see augmenting in action! It’s a free application and very easy to run, you need only to download the app then open it, focus your mobile camera on any target, then press the scan button the project shall run in few seconds.

About Us

As our daily lives are more reliant on digital technologies, there’s an increasing need to bridge our physical and digital worlds together to allow us to seamlessly interact with both at the same time. AR Root’s AR vision is about creating a new digital environment that will allow people to interact naturally with augmented content in their physical surroundings.

AR ROOT is an image recognition and augmented reality platform that is at the forefront of modern and creative advertising and media. We offer a full range of services for organizations that seek to integrate AR into their marketing strategies.

From concept development to technical implementation, AR Root can help take your organization’s business goals to the next level.

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